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Friday, Mar 05, 2021

Online system to be implemented for work permit holders re-entering

Online system to be implemented for work permit holders re-entering

Government will be implementing an online system for work permit holders travelling into the territory under Phase II of the Restricted Border Reopening Plan.

This is according to Immigration Minister Vincent Wheatley who said in a recent interview the system will be functional within the next few days.

“It’s not quite ready yet, it should be ready by September 1st. They are doing some testing tomorrow on that system so once the system is up and available, we would do another bulletin explaining, ‘here’s the site’ [and] where you go to put in the relevant information to register to come in,” Wheatley said on Tuesday.

He added: “It would be just like last time with the Belongers where you register online, you go through the health protocols, make sure you know where you’re staying, make sure your security is in order, make sure the quarantine place is approved and so forth.”

System to verify jobs

Minister Wheatley also said the system will have the necessary checks and balances to ensure work permit holders are returning to active employment.

“For those with work permits, we have to make sure that you are coming back to a real job and not a fictitious job. We have to make sure that [the] company, again, is compliant to all of the things we say companies should have when doing business in the BVI,” he stated.

“We also want a person’s certificate of earnings because that is further proof that the person was legally and gainfully employed prior to leaving,” the minister further said.

In addition to work permit holders, work permit-exempt holders, students and other persons will also be allowed to enter the BVI from September 1.

These persons will have the option to either quarantine within a government-designated facility free of charge, or quarantine at a private facility which is approved by the Environmental Health Department at a security fee of $3,500.


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