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Friday, May 27, 2022

Only one Labour Inspector for Tortola

Only one Labour Inspector for Tortola

Acting Labour Commissioner Michelle McLean has revealed that there is only one Labour Inspector to service the island of Tortola.
Speaking during a recent virtual stakeholders meeting to address concerns at the Labour Department, McLean said the sister island of Virgin Gorda also had only one inspector assigned to that island as well.

McLean‘s statement came after a question from a stakeholder about when labour investigations will resume.

The resident alleged that many employers get away with many things that are not in line with the Labour Code.

During the meeting, Labour Minister Vincent Wheatley said if the department does not inspect what is happening persons will not do what is expected of them.

“We have to move away from the department being a work permit processing unit and more into a workforce development unit and that’s why the online thing was so important for us to get that right,” Minister Wheatley said.

He added that once the department could get the processing of permits streamlined, then it can move into the inspection of businesses.

Among the various revelations that came to the fore during the stakeholders meeting was that McLean was the only officer designated for the approval of all new work permit applications within the department.

McLean related that work permit renewals were being handled by another senior labour officer that is her subordinate.

Only in instances where she or the other officer is not present, she said other staff will then handle these applications or renewals in her absence.

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