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Monday, Aug 02, 2021

Only one round trip ferry per day when seaports reopen to int’l traffic

Only one round trip ferry per day when seaports reopen to int’l traffic

The BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) has announced that there will be only one round trip ferry service per day when the Road Town Jetty reopens to international traffic on April 15.

A press release from the BVIPA said this single round trip will only be for this initial period after the April 15 reopening.

However, the BVIPA told our news centre in a follow-up WhatsApp conversation that the end date for this initial period is unknown.

“This initial period has no fixed length time but will be evaluated by the ferry operators and the BVIPA based on the demand,” the Authority told BVI News.

Our news centre also sought to determine why the Road Town Jetty has decided to allow only one round trip per day.

The port official who spoke to our news centre did not give an answer up to publication time.

But our sources otherwise indicate that this decision stems from the territory’s finite COVID testing resources; adding that multiple trips per day would overwhelm the BVI’s COVID testing capabilities.

The announcement of the single round trip per day comes amid questions from business stakeholders who are anxious to know the number of visitors they should expect per day when the seaports reopen.

New ferry passenger schedule

In the meantime, the public is being notified that the new international ferry passenger schedule and the seaport option will go live on the BVI Gateway online portal on April 8.

Passengers arriving and departing the British Virgin Islands must reserve a ticket with the scheduled ferry operator through their booking portal.

The new international ferry passenger schedule is as follows:

* Monday

* Tuesday Road Town Fast Ferry

* Wednesday Native Son Ferry

* Thursday

* Friday Native Son Ferry

* Saturday Road Town Fast Ferry

All ferries will depart Road Town, Tortola for Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas, USVI at 10 am and will depart Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas for Road Town, Tortola at 4 pm.


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