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Friday, Oct 22, 2021

Opposition deceiving constituents, toying with my life - Premier

Opposition deceiving constituents, toying with my life - Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie has claimed that he is being blamed by an unnamed Opposition member for removing monies from district allocations.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Monday, Fahie said he recently went to a village in an unnamed district where he met an old lady he knows very well.

According to Fahie, the old lady told him her district representative used to give her a monthly stipend but said that Fahie “cut out the money” and was “no good”.

Fahie said he asked the constituent if she felt he would do that to her and she responded, “I don’t know if you will do it to me, but you do it to the district rep.”

Opposition playing games with my life

The Premier said he did his own research and discovered that the district representative stopped the stipend on their own then allegedly blamed him for the stoppage.

“You see how my name does get in these things? And then [they] blamed the Minister of Finance that he took away the money. [They] had the people in that constituency – the old people – praying to God against me,” Fahie said.

Fahie then accused “50 percent” of the Opposition of playing games with his name, reputation, and even his life.

“Then they come and they smile with you like they wish the best, when they’re out there, they’re trying to almost get you physically harmed with some of the things they’re telling the people knowing it’s not true,” he added.

Constituents being deceived

According to the Premier, the Opposition plays on the financial challenges faced by constituents during COVID-19, “so people grab on on any kind of negative information they hear without doing any kind of checks”.

He said it was hard to dispel the allegations made by those Opposition members, even if the persons to whom the lies are told are presented with documents proving otherwise.

“You can’t even get some of them turn around because the people believe it, even when you bring them the paperwork and show them it is not so. But that one with the old people them with that district [allocation], to me, that was the lowest thing I’ve ever heard,” Fahie stated.

“All you had to do is to tell the people that you used their district [money] to go do something else, so seniors you can’t get that money anymore, but no blame Fahie,” the Premier said.

He further questioned why Opposition members declined to do their work instead of placing blame on the Minister of Finance whenever it’s convenient.


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