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Friday, Jan 22, 2021

'Opposition wants to see if they could micromanage gov't' - Fahie

'Opposition wants to see if they could micromanage gov't' - Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has accused the Opposition of attempting to micromanage his administration.

Premier Fahie said members of the Opposition want the government to effectively seek their input on all matters before it makes a decision.

He said: “I understand the Opposition may want the government to run the government through a proxy, and they want to see if they could micromanage the government so that we bring everything through them before we move, so every decision the government has to make the government has to bring to them. I agree that we have to keep discussing, but the government does not work so, nowhere in the world.”

“We love you, that’s why we bring most of the things to you. But, we don’t have to bring everything and ask permission before we move forward. So I want to make that clear. We have been more than kind, and we will continue to be so because we see that we are one. But don’t fool yourself, I am not going to allow it to continue to penetrate through their thoughts where we have to bring everything through the Opposition before we move,” the Premier said while addressing the parliamentary Opposition.

He was speaking in the House of Assembly at the end of last Friday’s debate on his government’s proposed Cannabis Licensing Act which has received strong criticism from members of the Opposition.

We are treating you well

The Premier, in the meantime, argued that his administration has treated the Opposition better than how he had been treated during his time serving on the parliamentary Opposition.

He, however, said it “wouldn’t be good leadership” if he treated the sitting Opposition in the manner he claims to have been treated.


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