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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Over 150 persons fined for flouting COVID-19 protocols

Over 150 persons fined for flouting COVID-19 protocols

The Social Distancing Task Force has given more than 150 persons tickets or fines for flouting COVID-19 protocols.
That announcement was made by Health Minister Carvin Malone who added: “The message to persons caught violating the provisions of the safety protocols is simple and resolute – We will find you and we will fine you!”

The minister also stressed that the COVID-19 “fines have been put in place as a deterrent and will be used to ensure compliance”.

He also stated that the government takes breaches of COVID protocol seriously “because it is costly to lockdown”.

“It is costly to businesses. It is costly to lives. All of our hard work and efforts for the last year will not go down the drain,” he stated.

The task force was established during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year to ensure members of the public adhere to COVID-19 protocols and reduce the spread of the virus.

More than 40 public servants have been re-assigned as Social Distancing officers and Acting Environmental Health officers.

The officers have been assigned to the four main islands of the territory — Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, and Virgin Gorda.

The following fines have been instituted to prevent breaches of COVID-19 protocol:

• A person who tampers with or damages a geofencing device (which we call the bracelet) will pay $2,000.

• A person who visits a quarantined person will pay $5,000.

• A person who contravenes the protocols or guidelines under these regulations will pay $10,000.

• A person who refuses to return a geofencing device or approved monitoring device will pay $500.

• A person who provides false information when submitting an application for entry to a designated Public Health Officer enforcing a quarantine order will pay $5,000.

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