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Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

Parents could be charged for kids without face coverings

Parents could be charged for kids without face coverings

The BVI’s Chief Environmental Health Officer, Lionel Michael is reminding parents they could be fined if they don’t allow their children to wear protective face coverings in public spaces.
According to the COVID-19 suppression orders implemented by the government, a fine of $100 can be charged if persons fail to wear face coverings in public spaces including any establishments, gatherings, or public transportation.

Speaking earlier this week at a virtual public health meeting on mask-wearing and social distancing, Michael said protective face coverings apply to children as well.

But he said children who are 12 years and younger are allowed to wear face shields.

“If you give your child — who is 12 years old and under — a mask and the child finds the mask uncomfortable, if we see the child without a mask, we are going to charge the parent,” Michael explained.

He added that local health authorities are not expecting parents to put face masks on young babies.

“A lot of this is discretionary, use your discretion and protect the child (babies). Our main objective is to suppress the virus. It is not about putting pressure on the people who live in the BVI. It’s about putting pressure on poor practices,” Michael explained.

He also reminded business owners they may be fined $1,000 if they allow individuals to enter their establishments without proper face coverings.

Michael said the police or members of the Social Distancing Taskforce may issue tickets outlining fines to persons who are in breach of these and other measures implemented to protect the territory from the highly-contagious COVID-19 virus.

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