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Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

Park entry tickets, marine conservation permits go digital

Park entry tickets, marine conservation permits go digital

Persons visiting the BVI will now have the opportunity to purchase both their national park entry tickets and marine conservation permits online.
According to the National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands (NPTVI), entry tickets and permits are being sold online as of August 4.

The agency said persons currently in possession of NPTVI marine conservation permit books may continue to use them until they are finished.

In a video advising about the changes, the NPTVI said the new system will offer quick access to the territory’s national parks.

Persons wishing to access the tickets and permits can visit the NPTVI website at and navigate to the ‘Park Entry’ page.

Visitors can then select their national park of choice and submit the number of entry tickets they wish to purchase.

They can then fill out the required details for persons in their group and conclude the process.

The site also offers helpful information on how to apply for marine conservation permits on the same park entry page.

Marine conservation permits are required by boats using the parks mooring buoys at designated reef areas.

Once travel dates and other particulars are filled in and uploaded to the website, the applicant will be contacted about their application and advised whether any additional information is needed.

According to the NPTVI, feedback about the application may take up to five business days for processing after which an invoice will be sent by email for payment to be made online.

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