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Monday, Oct 26, 2020

'Pass!' Premier mum on the motion to 'reprimand' governor

'Pass!' Premier mum on the motion to 'reprimand' governor

Premier Andrew Fahie has opted to “pass” on giving his opinion on the recent motion moved in the House of Assembly to ‘reprimand’ Governor Augustus Jaspert for violating the Audit Act.

The violation for which the governor is accused is that he ‘brazenly’ neglected to deliver the Auditor General’s special report about BVI Airways within the legally-prescribed timeframe.

Fraser’s motion is scheduled to be debated in the House later this afternoon, June 3.

When Premier Fahie was asked during his appearance on the Honestly Speaking radio programme a day earlier, he declined to give his views on the matter.

“I’ll let that play out itself,” he responded when the question was put to him. “As they say when I used to watch [the American TV game show], Press Your Luck, ‘pass’.”

It is yet to be seen whether Premier will also abstain from today’s debate of the motion.

What does the motion mean?

There has been much public chatter about the motion to reprimand Governor Jaspert since it was moved by Fraser a week ago, May 28. But what does it really mean?

The short answer - as far as BVI News understands - is ‘nothing’ since the House does not have any constitutional power or authority to take any legal action against the Governor.

If the motion passes, it would just be a collective and public display of unity showing that all or the majority of members in the House rebuke and disapprove of the governor’s actions as it relates to the report on BVI Airways.

The report has led to the launch of a criminal investigation into the controversial BVI Airways deal between the airline and the previous National Democratic Party government that was led by former Premier, Dr D Orlando Smith.


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