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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Penn hopes COI report is catalyst for ‘proper stewardship’ of BVI’s resources

Penn hopes COI report is catalyst for ‘proper stewardship’ of BVI’s resources

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn said he welcomes the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report recently handed over to Governor John Rankin by Commissioner Sir Gary Hickinbottom.
The Opposition Leader said he believes that the report will lead to one of the most pivotal periods in the BVI’s history.

“I, therefore, welcome it along with its recommendations, anticipating that they will be for the advancement of our territory, and improve the quality of our public administration of good governance in the future,” Penn said in a recent statement.

Penn said he believed that good governance is the cornerstone of the confidence of the BVI’s people as they travel the challenging path toward self-determination.

According to the Opposition Leader, “without confidence in the honest, accountable [and] transparent administration of good governance, [the BVI] will forever be relegated to the quagmire of dependence.”

Penn shared that he was hopeful that the COI’s report and recommendations will be the catalyst in enabling the BVI to achieve the efficient and effective administration of its public affairs, the proper stewardship of its national resources and the creation and maintenance of its much-needed infrastructure.

Furthermore, he expressed hope that the report would also effectuate the provision of essential health care services; the effective management of our education system; and an adequate safety net for the most vulnerable in our territory will go a long way toward the maintenance of our peoples’ mental wellness and improved quality of life.

Penn, who is also the Eighth District Representative, said he was also hopeful that the COI’s report and recommendations will provide innovative implementation strategies for new and bold solutions that are needed for the territory’s modern challenges.

“Our public administrators must continually strive to implement actions for the common good and make certain that there is proper and effective utilisation of resources; we must stamp out all forms of corruption, potential immoral conduct and more importantly instil a sense of fairness and equity that will respect the voiceless and bring comfort to the less fortunate and most vulnerable in our community,” Penn said.

“I welcome the opportunity to work towards greater accountability and good governance and ensure transparent policies are implemented, thereby securing our country’s democracy for future generations,” he added.

Meanwhile, the 15-month long inquiry looked at issues of governance in the territory and sought to establish whether there was any evidence of corruption, abuse of office or other serious dishonesty that has taken place in public office in recent years.

In a statement released after receiving the report, Governor Rankin said he needed time to review its recommendations and promised to announce next steps about sharing its contents sometime shortly after the Easter holidays this weekend.

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