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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

People can’t take unimplemented legislation to pay bills - Penn

People can’t take unimplemented legislation to pay bills - Penn

The government’s inability to implement some of the legislation that it has passed in the House of Assembly (HOA) over the years has been brought under scrutiny by Opposition Leader Marlon Penn.
Penn, who is also the Eighth District Representative, said on his NDP radio show this week that everyone is currently feeling the proverbial pinch due to rising inflation being experienced globally.

He argued that it takes leadership for the government to be able to bring persons to the table and come up with solutions that would help everyone to share the burden to get through the current situation collectively.

Penn made his remarks against the backdrop that legislation for the Trade Commission has already been passed, but the body itself has not been set up nearly three years later.

“We have not followed through and gotten the Trade Commission established and that would’ve been the artery that would’ve dealt with situations like this [price gouging],” Penn noted.

“[The] legislation that you’ve passed and you’ve not implemented, our people can’t take them to the electricity [company] to pay their bills,” the Opposition Leader said.

He continued: “Our people can’t take them to the grocery stores and say: look, prices gone up 30 per cent, 40 per cent. How am I going to supply the necessary goods that I need for my family?”

Penn said his National Democratic Party has already suggested that the government use solutions that he has seen implemented by their counterparts in Barbados, a country where he said adjustments can already be seen in prices.

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