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Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020

Permanent Secretaries & Senior Managers discuss vision for Public Service

Permanent Secretaries & Senior Managers discuss vision for Public Service

Following the new assignments of permanent secretaries, senior managers within the Public Service met to share their collective vision and to recommit to advancing the mandate of government.

The meeting was held to allow for formal introductions and to permit new and returning senior managers alike, including Permanent Secretaries, the Financial Secretary, Cabinet Secretary and the Director of Human Resources, to cast their vision for a world class public service while recommitting to their roles and responsibilities in executing the mandate of government.

In speaking with the team, His Excellency the Governor Augustus J.U. Jaspert said of the Permanent Secretaries and Senior Managers, “You are some of the best that I have ever worked with,” adding, “You have contributed to a public service that has been able to guide our children to success, and be some of the brightest and the best. You have positioned the Virgin Islands to meet and exceed international standards; you have managed the finances of the Territory well, and developed a talent pool that can contribute locally, regionally and internationally.”

The Governor called on the managers to support the work of the Premier, the Ministers and the Deputy Governor.

The Deputy Governor said, “I am confident in the competence and commitment of our current Permanent Secretaries and Senior Managers and in their ability to advance Government’s agenda, while leading a dynamic public service.”

Mr Archer, Jr, concluded the session by highlighting his nine areas of focus for the public service goring forward. These, he said, include health and safety with particular attention to refurbishment of the Central Administration Complex, led by Honourable Kye M. Rymer (R5) and the Ministry of Transportation, Works and Utilities; staffing capacity and capabilities; pension reform; the enactment of the Public Service Act and other good governance policies the development of a talent management programme; a review of the compensation packages for the public service; and the implementation of the Public Service Transformation Plan, which is expected to be published by December.

Ministers of government were unable to attend this first session based on other pressing commitments, but the Deputy Governor confirmed through dialogue the commitment of the Premier and his ministers, in attending the next session in a partnership effort to improve the public service and the wider VI.


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