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Thursday, Jun 17, 2021

Phone App launched to provide virtual COVID-19 healthcare

AIRMID App will allow patients diagnosed, suspected or on quarantine to communicate with physician

Patients diagnosed, suspected or on quarantine will now be able to communicate with the physician conducting their care and track their symptoms of COVID-19 via an android or iPhone.
The ‘Airmid’ phone application was launched by the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA).

According to Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Social Development Honourable Carvin Malone (AL), speaking on April 15, 2020, the Airmid application will also allow for follow-up appointments and video consultations for patients to access healthcare from the comfort of their home.

COVID-19 Response Service

According to a Government press release on April 21, 2020, this initiative is being done in partnership with the United Kingdom (UK) based company TPP who has also provided other healthcare technology support such as an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system through the COVID-19 Response Service in the Territory.

The COVID-19 Response Service allows patients to call and access free medical advice for COVID-19 guidance and allows BVI Health Services Authority clinical teams to record patient symptoms and conditions, provides advice through tracking tools and informs the patient seeking care.

Services to expand

Chief Executive Officer of the BVI Health Services Authority Dr Ronald E. Georges said the BVI Health Services Authority IT and CHS teams have worked tirelessly on the implementation process which will soon expand to provide a range of telemedicine services to better serve the community while promoting health and wellness.

These new technologies will also allow for patients who need more care or testing for COVID-19 and will also ensure that those who can manage their condition on their own do not access medical services.

TPP is a software company that has worked across the UK National Health Service (NHS) for 22 years. The company has written the software SystmOne, used in over 7000 NHS organisations by over 250,000 NHS staff members with over 50 million patient records stored on the database.


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