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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Sitting in solidarity against direct UK rule

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Against the backdrop of a crowd of protestors, a few government legislators and prominent civilians firmly sat across a section of Waterfront Drive preventing motorists from entering or leaving Road Town.
Their message was clear — the United Kingdom (UK) must not impose direct rule over the BVI.

That message was intended for UK Overseas Territories Minister Amanda Milling who is currently in the territory to meet with local officials to discuss that very possibility. UK direct rule was an overarching recommendation of the Commission of Inquiry report released to the public last Friday.

Following her arrival in the territory, Milling said in a statement released through the Office of the Governor: “I recognise that these are difficult times for the people of BVI. I am here to listen, and to understand. It is important that we are honest and open with each other when discussing the COI Report and the issues it has identified.”

She further said decisions are yet to be made on the report and the aim of her visit is to engage ‘as wide a range of BVI society as possible to get their feedback on how to improve governance in the territory, and discuss next steps for the British Virgin Islands’.

In the meantime, Deputy Governor David Archer Jr said in statement released moments ago that “a decision has been made to allow public officers — including teachers who wish to attend the March — to be allowed to do so with permission of their supervisors. This permission should be granted without significantly impacting the services delivered to the public or the safety of individuals in their legal protective care during the time period of the March.”

More to come.

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