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Thursday, May 26, 2022

PHOTOS: Twenty new officers join RVIPF’s ranks

Twenty new officers have been added to the ranks of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) following the Fifth Police Recruit Training Completion Exercise and Passing Out Parade held at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) yesterday.
Officer Zain Bronstorph walked away from the ceremony with the most awards. He was awarded the Commissioner’s Award for Best Recruit, the Deputy Commissioner’s Award for Best All-Round Recruit, the HLSCC President’s Award, the Mr Westmore Jeffers Award for Best at Evidence, Best at physical Fitness Male and the Mrs. Celia Georges Award for Most Determined to Succeed.

Meanwhile, Officer Lena Joseph, who was unable to make the awards ceremony and parade, copped the Spanish for Law Enforcement Award, the HLSCC Award for Highest Academic Achievement, the Human Resources Award for Best at Leadership and the Superintendent of Territorial Award for Best at Police Duty Subjects.

Officer Chelsea Marcellin also took home the Superintendent of Crime Award for Best at Drills and Top Brass Security Services Award for Best at Physical Fitness Female. Officer Deangelou Desmoulin won Commandant’s Award for Perseverance, while Officer Braderick Evans won the Armorer’s Award for Best Shot.

Officer Keila Industrious won the Most Determined to Succeed and Spanish for Law Enforcement Award. Officer Kareem Bannis and Officer Roxanne Thomas-Itwaru won the Most Helpful Award. Officer Florita Lake, Officer Petrina Ettienne and Officer Jacqueline Williams won the Most Improved Awards.

Speaking at the Passing Out Parade, Governor John Rankin congratulated the recruits for putting in the hard work and for their perseverance to finish the training and become members of the police force.

“I know it has been hard work. Physical hard work, your drills and beat patrols. Getting up to be inspected at 4 am to start your training. It has been technically challenging. The firearms training, and the other skills you have to learn and develop to become members of the RVIPF.

It has been academically challenging. Your language classes, your sociology classes, your history classes to allow you to be here in this passing out parade today,” Rankin said.

“You persevered, you’ve run the race and gone through it. So, I congratulate each and every one of you. Each and every one of your trainers and your family and loved ones whose support you’ve used to qualify and get through here today,” he continued.

Commissioner of Police Mark Collins also congratulated the 20 officers in the cohort. He highlighted that the cohort consisted of 17 constables and three auxiliary staff.

“You will be forever known as the officers of cohort five. I want you to establish yourself both collectively and individually as the best the force has ever trained. I look around and wonder who among you will rise in the ranks to become the next chief inspectors, next superintendents and even Commissioner. Who has the desire, the discipline and the determination and strength of character necessary. I see the potential in all of you. If this career is going to bring any lasting gratification, these character traits must be developed in you and by you,” Commissioner Collins said.

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