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Monday, Sep 25, 2023

Pier Park launches digital publication

Pier Park launches digital publication

The Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park has launched its inaugural digital publication to connect the Virgin Islands with the world.

The digital magazine called iNGRESS eMagazine is powered by Tortola Pier Park Limited with assistance from the BVI government, BVI Finance, BVI Tourist Board and the BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association.

A press release by the Pier Park indicates management continues to look for new ways to connect the ‘glocal’ (global and local) market by providing a snapshot of Pier Park and the BVI as a whole to whet the appetite of visitors and potential visitors alike.

“In this inaugural publication Q3, we are excited to engage with our readers through the diverse offerings of this eMagazine. The dynamics of our tourism and financial services sector are scripted in a way that simplifies the topics at hand and creates a number of ‘what ifs’ provoking the reader to look at hidden and emerging opportunities. Our new digital magazine platform is easy to read and navigate on both desktop and mobile devices,” the press release said.

Editor-in-Chief for the magazine Zoe Walcott noted: “The contribution of iNGRESS to the world of publications, affably offers the best of both worlds and creates a mapping of the BVI offerings, thought process of technocrats and the views of our thought leaders.”

“This has been quite a process and we are beyond excited for the evolution of iNGRESS and what the next volume will reveal. This is intended to be interactive, and we encourage our readers and the general public to write us at and share ideas for interviews, places for review and/or highlights of our Tourism or Financial Services Ambassadors et al,” she added.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of the Tortola Pier Park Vance Lewis said the park has adopted a, “we are in this together – and we’ll come out of it together, too” approach since he joined the organisation.

“This e-publication provides insight into aspects of our culture and economy while connecting the dots in a nuanced manner to the international arena. You can read more commentary from the CEO on page 6, Desk of the CEO,” he said.

Persons can access information about the publication by signing up for a free digital subscription here.


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