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Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

Plans for HLSCC to provide online schooling to overseas students

Plans for HLSCC to provide online schooling to overseas students

Premier Andrew Fahie has revealed major plans to have the H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) advanced to the stage where it can remotely enrol regional and international students through the provision of online classes.

Premier Fahie made the declaration during a recent ceremony at the college which was held to officially invest Dr Richard Georges as the seventh President of HLSCC.

He said: “I call on the alumni; strengthen this institution with the future in mind and let us with this institution continue to challenge our people to continue to fulfil their purpose. Let’s continue to push this college to a four-year university, not just physically, but now even online.”

“Let us attract learners from abroad, internationally and from the region. The time can come for us to take that next bold step of becoming a beacon, but the time has come. We have to ensure that HLSCC can be accessible to all around the world, so even those who cannot set food in the BVI can attend HLSCC,” Fahie added.

BVI must recognise its strengths and plan ahead

The Premier also highlighted the importance of the institution advancing, stating that it will play a pivotal role in the continuous advancement of the territory.

“We must do this because our beloved BVI is approaching a crossroad. To the left lies stagnation and defeat, but to the right lies hope, prosperity, opportunity and greatness. And as Virgin Islanders, we must recognise the strength and the power that is within us to chart a successful destiny for ourselves. We can do it but we must be ready for it, the future belongs to the prepared,” he explained.

HLSCC will produce future Premiers and governors

Meanwhile, Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said he believes that the college will help to produce a number of graduates that will fill several top positions in the BVI.

“I would say that this institution will be the institution where the individual who leads the Financial Services Commission will graduate from, and I would say that this institution will be the institution that the next Deputy Governor will graduate from and maybe in a different form of government, he may even be the Governor. [It may even be] where the next Speaker may come from, the next Premier may be a graduate of this institution and this is what we work for,” Dr Wheatley stated.

Dr Georges created history by becoming the first alumni to hold the post of President at the college.


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