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Friday, Apr 16, 2021

Police arrest men travelling to VG with over $13K

Police arrest men travelling to VG with over $13K

Information reaching BVI News is that police last week arrested two Tortola men who were found with more than $13,000 cash suspected to be connected to criminal activity.
The exact age of both men are unknown but BVI News understands that both are under 30. It’s also reported that they’re both from the Baughers Bay community.

BVI News understands that the two men were on a boat heading to Virgin Gorda when they were stopped by marine police. The cops discovered the cash after they conducted a search of the vessel.

BVI News was not able to ascertain the exact amount of cash seized.

It’s also reported that the men told the police they were traveling to Virgin Gorda to buy a vehicle with the cash that was found onboard.

However, the police arrested both men based on the suspicion that the cash was the proceeds of crime. The money was also confiscated.

It is unclear whether the men have been charge and if/when they will appear in court.

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