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Saturday, Dec 04, 2021

Police arrest riders found with illegal bike engines

Police arrest riders found with illegal bike engines

The police have arrested two riders who were found with bikes that had engine exceeding the legally permitted size.
The illegal bikes in question had engine sizes 1300cc and 750cc, respectively. They were also seized.

The BVI does not allow bike engine sizes above 125 cubic capacity.

“Riders in possession of the prohibited motorcycles were arrested. One was charged for driving without a driver’s license and driving when not covered by third party risk insurance and the other was discharged pending further investigation,” the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) said in media release Wednesday afternoon.

“Advice is being sought on further charges through the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution,” the Force added.

Meanwhile, the riders with the big motorcycles were not the only bikers arrested. A third biker was nabbed for reportedly driving without a driver’s license and driving an unlicensed and uninsured vehicle.

All three seizures were made during an operation conducted by the RVIPF’s Road Policing Unit and its Armed Response Unit at different locations around Tortola on Monday.

“Commissioner of Police Mark Collins noted in May that operations targeting motorists who violate the Road Traffic laws would continue during the summer months. Those operations to pursue owners of illegal bikes and those that cause a noise nuisance are specifically planned to minimise the risks to riders, the public and officers,” the police stated.

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