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Friday, Dec 03, 2021

Police issue 70 tickets, lay 25 charges in traffic crackdown on VG

Police issue 70 tickets, lay 25 charges in traffic crackdown on VG

The Royal Virgin Island Police Force (RVIPF) confiscated two scooters and issued 70 tickets in an operation on Virgin Gorda last Thursday.
The RVIPF said 25 persons were also charged on the sister island as part of its territory-wide campaign to crack down on people who violate the local road traffic regulations.

In a press release issued on Monday, the police said the nature of the offences included driving without a seatbelt, riding on or standing in the tray of a truck, prohibitive tints and failure to display a taxi license.

Acting Sergeant within the RVIPF’s Road Policing Unit, Kishon Leslie said he was concerned with the number of people who are not following the seatbelt and cellular phone regulations.

He added that although the police force might report on major accidents more frequently, these minor infringements are equally as important.

“The RVIPF may report those that die or are seriously injured in traffic collisions. However, we rarely report on those who have to be flown off for further treatment and are in long-term hospitalization or those who are permanently disabled, lose their income, and quality of life. These cases go unreported but difficult lives none the same for too many after a serious accident,” the Acting Sergeant said.

The Virgin Gorda operation included officers from the Road Policing Unit, Armed Response Unit and Beat and Patrol Unit, and the Marine Unit.

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