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Saturday, Jul 31, 2021

Police needs power to nab those with unexplained wealth

Police needs power to nab those with unexplained wealth

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews has reiterated the BVI’s need for legislation that will give the authorities power to nab people who have unexplained wealth.
Commissioner Matthews said such legislation would not only stop those involved in trading cocaine and other illicit drugs but would prevent murders and other crimes linked to the drugs trade.

“When you look around and you notice that somebody’s got three or four homes, two or three fast boats and a couple of nice cars but they haven’t got a job, you have to ask yourself a question: ‘where’s their income coming from?’ And that’s why modernising legislation is going to be important in the BVI because we need to get to a stage where we can hold people to account when they can’t explain their assets,” Commissioner Matthews said.

He added that it is mainly young people who see the illicit drug trade as a viable means to attain wealth. But he said there needs to be a change in mindset for persons who hold this view.

Amid three recent murders and two unexplained deaths, the public has been calling for stronger action from the government and the security forces to nab those involved in criminal activity.

Though widely speculated, it is still unclear whether the murders are linked to the drug trade. The top cop said a number of the BVI’s homicides are.

He continues to reiterate that crime-fighting is a collaborative effort between law enforcement and members of the public who are expected to report illegal activity to the police.

The police have made several drug busts in the territory in recent months and have also arrested some — including other cops — who are linked to the illegal activities.

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