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Thursday, Nov 26, 2020

Police record a rise in serious assaults across BVI

Police record a rise in serious assaults across BVI

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force is reporting what it calls “a disturbing rise in the number of serious assaults across the territory in the past week”.
A release from the police said two of the assault victims were security officers who tried to prevent persons from entering premises without face masks.

One incident involved a security officer at a nightclub in Long Bush and the other at a supermarket in East End, Tortola. Both security officers received medical treatment for injuries.

Throughout last week, the police say persons in separate incidents were taken to hospital for injuries sustained in fights between present or former friends, coworkers and neighbours.

Deputy Commissioner Alwin James said he is disturbed by the lack of restraint and self-control by some members of the community.

“We are not only witnessing an inability by some to resist the temptation to inflict injury on those carrying out their duties, but we are also seeing premeditated and orchestrated assaults on colleagues, friends and neighbours in our civilised community. Arresting those responsible is one thing but some of those injuries are serious and could be permanent. It is important as a community that we accept no excuse for these acts of violence but voice our unified disapproval. It is uncivilised and must be condemned by all of us,” he said.

Charges are still to be preferred in these matters as investigations are ongoing

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