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Monday, Jul 04, 2022

Premier blasts critics saying BVI’s success not ‘through legal means’

Premier blasts critics saying BVI’s success not ‘through legal means’

While expressing his faith in the people of the BVI and in God, Premier Andrew Fahie chose to lash out at some of the territory’s detractors during a groundbreaking ceremony for the redevelopment of the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS).
“I have faith in our people and I have faith in our God. He has walked with us through every step of the way and He will not let us down. And what I love about this, it is our people doing it,” the Premier stated while offering praises about the success of the ESHS redevelopment project.

However, the territory’s leader momentarily sidestepped to express his ire for persons accusing the BVI of acquiring some of its possessions unethically and illegally.

“I know that there are those among us who think that the people of the Virgin Islands have not gotten where they have reached through legal means, and don’t think that we can do nothing ethical,” the Premier said.

He continued: “[They] don’t think that we have no integrity, and don’t think that we can get anywhere unless they carry us there. But I’m here to tell them that the reason that they can enjoy where they are and even see something that they want to take from us, is because with God’s help and our prayers we got it here!”

Premier Fahie has consistently refuted allegations reportedly received by former Governor Augustus Jaspert that high-level government officials have been allegedly associated with criminal gangs and drug dealers.

Jaspert, while declining to single out any public officials, made the allegation as he gave testimony during a Commission of Inquiry (COI) in October which he called upon leaving office in early 2020.

The former governor set up the COI to establish whether there is evidence of corruption, abuse of office or other serious dishonesty that has taken place in public office in recent years, and if so what conditions allowed this to happen.

The COI, which has been extended twice for separate six-month periods, is expected to issue its findings in a highly anticipated final report sometime this month.

Premier Fahie has also consistently stated that his government has always welcomed a transparent COI that will yield a just outcome.

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