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Thursday, Apr 09, 2020

Premier, Governor Agree To Ramp Up Operations

Premier, Governor Agree To Ramp Up Operations

Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon. Andrew Fahie said there has been an agreement with Governor Augustus Jaspert to ramp up operations in response to the Global pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19).
On Sunday, March 15, a special Cabinet Meeting was held and according to Premier Fahie, this was 'to ensure that we keep our hands on the pulse and remain in a state of prevention and readiness'.

"We are committed to staying updated and planning ahead in the best interest of the people of the Virgin Islands," Premier Fahie stated.

He added, "Please be advised that the Governor and I (Premier) as co-chairs of the National Emergency Operations Council (NEOC) agreed to ramp up the operations by having a meeting on Tuesday with all the necessary stakeholders to ensure all our emergency structures are well intact, in place and in a state of "readiness"."

A special Cabinet Meeting is set for today to plan the agenda for NEOC.

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