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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020

Premier On Visitor Quarantine Days: I Won’t Succumb To Pressure!

Premier On Visitor Quarantine Days: I Won’t Succumb To Pressure!

On the heels of complaints from the business community that a lengthy quarantine period could result in fewer tourists, Premier Hon. Andrew Fahie said, he will not succumb to pressure and make decisions that endagers the populace.

Premier Fahie explained that a seven-day quarantine was being proposed by the Ministry of Health for the reopening of the borders to international travellers.

“We try to put in the measures to allow for less days but whether persons wanna hear it or not, the more days that you reduce, the more percentage of having a higher probability of persons landing and leaving positive is high. That’s nothing I am making up, that’s a reality,” he said, during a public meeting on Jost Van Dyke on Thursday, October 22.

He added, “So now we have to decide what is the greatest risk that we can take and manage that can give us the least amount or none, and if it is so, how do we get it in a controlled area until the incubation period of the virus has passed and we can test and make sure that your staff is safe, your children, you are safe, your employees are safe to make sure that the whole territory is safe.”

The Territory’s leader also explained that there is a process that must be followed.

“That’s the reality of what we are facing. Now, as we move and we see how it progress just as a baby in infant stage, we can open up more, we can do more, we can take more risks.I cannot speak for my other members, up to now I have not gotten over the one person that died, the Filipino because it was our intention not to let anybody die under our watch.”

He added "As Premier, it sounds selfish, but I’m not going to make any decision that I am going to regret out of pressure and put my people in danger for the want of the dollar that will be no use to us if we make a decision that is going to cause everything to close back down and don’t get the dollar at all. I cannot do that.”


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