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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020

Premier promises improvements to BVI's building legislation

Premier promises improvements to BVI's building legislation

Improvements to the territory’s building legislation are being promised for the British Virgin Islands.
Premier Andrew Fahie gave that indication as he announced the appointment of a new Planning Authority Board recently.

His promise of improved building legislation was made against the backdrop that the territory would need to embrace new technologies and methods in order to properly build for the future.

“Hopefully, in the upcoming sessions of the House of Assembly, among several changes that must be made include the merging of the Building Authority Board and the Town and Country Planning Board. We will also have to look at how we can strengthen the enforcement aspect of our building and construction regulations,” Fahie stated.

“Your government is anxious to see a solid foundation in place for moving the territory in that direction and we are looking forward to the amendments to be made to the existing legislation in this respect,” he added.

Premier Fahie further said that one of the tasks of the board will be to educate the public on the use of these technologies, which can be used to make smarter building choices.

“I look forward to the new [Planning Authority] board being proponents of the application of green technology and smart technology as well. This may require a review of our legislative framework; for instance, in the area of building codes,” he explained.

Fahie further stressed on the need for the BVI to take a leadership role in the development and application of green building technologies.

“This means harmonising designs – whether it is for public infrastructure or residential and commercial buildings – with natural elements such as wind for cooling and ventilation, or solar for lighting and heating.”

“It means building more energy-efficient structures that not only consume less energy but they waste less energy, and they contribute to lowering adverse environmental impacts if not eliminating them entirely,” Fahie stated.

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