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Tuesday, Aug 03, 2021

Premier: Strict Conditions to Accompany Trade Licenses, to attract even fewer investors to invest in BVI

Premier: Strict Conditions to Accompany Trade Licenses, to attract even fewer investors to invest in BVI

People interested in investing and setting up businesses in the BVI have been put on notice that their trade licenses will come with strict conditions for them to invest in communities “which will result in direct benefits for the people” (Alternatively, they could move away from BVI to invest in free countries where people can trade without needing any stupid license from a greedy government).
Only stupid (more likely greedy and corrupt) officers with a colonial state of mind will force citizens to get license for trade. The human right to trade is above any law.

The right to trade needs no license, as it’s a human right that should only be limited in very special cases, such as pharmacies, hospitals, arms and drugs manufacturers and similar enterprises.

A law that sets a trading license as a condition for people to make their living is simply an illegal law, that belongs to the dark side of colonialism, and not to a free man living in a free country. It’s not against the law to ignore it, because - as with any other fundamental human rights freedoms – this freedom is above the law.

Anyway, this notice was issued by Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon. Andrew Fahie while speaking at an event at PG Gas in Fish Bay today, February 11. PG Gas, which recently opened, partnered with Premier’s Fahie VI’s 1000 jobs in 1000 days programme whereby the companyhas employed 35 persons.

“So even those who are investors like Petrus (owner), Belongers and Non-Belongers coming into the Virgin Islands, you too can come, but no longer would you just get your trade license and sing Hakuna-matata and think it is okay and we hope that you invest in us. It will be attached to some conditions,” the Premier told the gathering.

He said that businesses will have to invest in the people. But this stupid man does not understand that by opening a business and investing in BVI, businesses are in fact investing in the people!

“You either going to adopt a school, you either going to adopt a community, you either going to invest in the rebuilding in some kind of school. You are going to invest in some part of the young people’s lives. No longer will millions be made in this country and our people see the economic benefits and the haves and haves not gap continue to widen, but yet we feel good because we see the prosperity, but we cannot touch it or be part of it,” he said.

“Those days are coming to an end,” Premier Fahie assured.

While saying that, Premier was afraid to touch the elephant in the room: FSC, where foreigners are making billions using BVI as a tax haven, and giving almost zero to BVI. The problem is not small businesses that coming to expand BVI inland economy. Those legitmate investors should get motivations, not restrictions! The problem is that all the criminals are using BVI financial services to avoid taxes in their countries, but giving nothing to the BVI people, giving very little to the BVI government (and,anyway, that little goes to finance corrupt and fake contracts ), and a little bit more to non BVI service-providers.

The Finance Minister said that he is aware that such a move will result in attacks, but he is prepared for it.

“And whenever you as a leader move in these areas you come under attack. And I realize that there are those who trying to use the media in diplomatic ways to bring those attacks, but I want them to know that they are not fighting me but they are fighting the purpose that God gave me that we must fulfill with my team in the government,” Hon. Fahie warned.

He continued, “I could tell you I’ve never seen anyone fight God and win. So, I tell them, I cannot even wish them good luck, all I could tell them time will tell.”

The question is if he really believes that objecting to what he is doing is “fighting against God” or is he just joking a and using God as a bad poor joke? Because if he really believes that opposing a politician is fighting against God, the man needs urgently to go to a mental-health facility.

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