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Premier to discuss increasing fiscal space with UK for road projects

Premier to discuss increasing fiscal space with UK for road projects

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has indicated that discussions on how the BVI can improve its road infrastructure will soon be held with representatives of the United Kingdom (UK).
I wouldn’t say that [remedial] action just takes place after someone takes a picture or something like that,“ Premier Wheatley said recently.

The Premier was at the time responding to media questions about the poor state of road networks, particularly those in his own Seventh District constituency and the neighbouring Eighth District, where residents have been complaining for years about the lack of attention that their roads have been receiving.

Dr Wheatley conceded that the BVI has some very difficult issues where road repairs are concerned.

“The roads can be improved. Of course you see in Fish Bay some efforts are being made to improve the roads there,” he said.

But according to the Premier, these efforts at infrastructure improvements require resources.

“I’ll have to say that very soon we will be seeking to have some discussions with the United Kingdom about how we create some more fiscal space to be able to complete our recovery and to be able to invest in our infrastructure. It’s going to require resources,” he stated.

The Premier said that he was hopeful that the sewerage project being conducted in the Seventh District really ‘gets going’, noting that it has been stalled for some time because of a waiting period for materials.

Dr Wheatley also said that the roads will have to be further dug up in order to complete that project.

“After that — those pipes are laid — we can have major investments in the roads in the Seventh and Eighth Districts,“ he added.

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