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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

Price gouging task force not yet operational

Price gouging task force not yet operational

Premier Andrew Fahie has announced that the new task force established to monitor gas prices and other goods to ensure businesses do not unjustifiably increase their prices is not in operation as it.
Speaking at a press conference last Friday, the Premier noted that Virgin Islanders will have to wait a while before the new task force becomes engaged.

“We are looking in the next week of two to have it engaged,” the Premier stated.

He added that the reduction in Customs duties to five per cent for the next three months has just begun and people are encouraged to get whatever they need to import during that time.

Fahie added that since more people are conscious of the reduction on this tax, he hopes the volume of importation increases to make up for any loss that would have occurred because of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“In these difficult times, as leaders, you have to find a balance for the people that are hurting. And yes, it is going to make an impact. I must say that when you have, for example, vehicles and building supplies, when you can give groceries and find the way to give people a break and put the task force in to monitor it, it can only spell well for the people of the Virgin Islands,” Fahie noted.

COVID-19 and Ukraine and other issues creates heavy social problems, and you have to find a way to make the people feel more comfortable in these difficult times,” he added.

The Premier had previously annouced that his government established the task force more than a month ago. He mentioned at the time that the monitoring team would consist of Customs officers and members of the Department of Trade, among others.

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