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Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

Printing error results in wrong Miss BVI Pageant contestant receiving prize

The Miss British Virgin Islands 2021 Pageant's Contestant #5, Keyona Cameron, now holds the award for Best Evening Wear, after the pageant committee corrected the glitch that resulted in the award being given to contestant number 3 Miss Jareena Penn on the night of the pageant, October 17, 2021.

According to a release from the organisers, the tabulators- Department of Information Technology- erred when printing names to the highest scores.

“In an official letter dated October 18, 2021, received by the Miss BVI Pageant Sub-committee, the Department of Information Technology acknowledged the error.

The letter states, “There was an error in the presentation of the award in the segment in question. The calculations on the master tabulation sheet are correct; however, the wrong contestant name was printed on the results sheet for the presentation of this award.

"Ms Keyona Cameron Contestant #5 is the rightful winner of the Evening Wear segment.” The committee said in a Press Release.

All other awards presented at the 2021 Miss British Virgin Islands Pageant were accurate.

Cameron had also received the Most Photogenic award.


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