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Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

Prison officer told to wear mask allegedly assaults bank security

Prison officer told to wear mask allegedly assaults bank security

Several persons yesterday, January 6, 2021, were left frowning at the behaviour of an officer of Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) who had allegedly refused to wear a mask to enter a business establishment and then reportedly assaulted a security officer.
Reports are that shortly after 8:30am, a uniformed prison officer was asked by a security guard stationed at Republic Bank BVI to put on a mask upon entering the establishment.

The officer; however, said he had difficulty breathing when wearing the mask.

The man was then advised by the security guard to remain outside but this did not go down well with the prison officer as he allegedly blurted out a flurry of expletives at the security guard.

A bank staff reportedly intervened; however, when the prison officer was being escorted out of the establishment he allegedly violently pushed the security guard.

Our newsroom was told that a police officer, who was at the bank at the time, was forced to caution the prison officer.

As part of COVID-19 control measures, all business establishments are required by law to enforce mask wearing, sanitising of hands and social distancing protocols or face fines and even closure.

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