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Saturday, Sep 19, 2020

Private sector workers answer call to patch deplorable east end road

This east end road was recently patch by community members in the private sector.After the patchworkBefore the patchwork Business owners in heavy equipment and cement industries were today commende…

Business owners in heavy equipment and cement industries were today commended for donating their services to repairing the Greenland and Lambert roadway on the eastern end of Tortola.

They are Jamal Forde of F&S Marines who provided trucking services and labour, Benaldo Frett who provided a backhoe, and Dion Crabbe of Island Concrete who provided the cement needed for the patchwork.

In an interview with BVI News, District Representative Marlon Penn commended all parties involved for taking the time to deliver on a request he had made for assistance.

Penn said the road in the area was initially dug up for public utility purposes but was never repaired. It had started to become a safety issue for pedestrians and motorists.

“I asked them for assistance to really get some relief to the citizens who have been struggling with the issue of the damage roads within sections of the community … They said, ‘well, ok, we’ll do our part’. And they got together and within a few hours they coordinated amongst each other and in no time they had the patchwork done,” Penn told BVI News.

Relevant authorities were taking too long

Penn, who is also the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, said he had made several requests to the relevant authorities to get the issue fixed.

With a slow response to address the problem, Penn said he came to his “wit’s end”.

“I didn’t see that I was getting a quick enough response on the issue and the community was really struggling with traversing back and forth to their homes because of the damage, and the recent rains made it even worse,” he stated.

East End/Long Look community spirit

Penn said the East End/ Long Look area has always had a community-driven spirit where residents assist when possible.

He alluded to a time immediately after hurricanes Irma and Maria where the community came together to help needy residents.

“It is something that I want to continue to keep pushing and I have been promoting because I think it is important for all of us to understand that we all have a responsibility for our communities. We have to do our part to assist persons in the communities who have fallen short in those who don’t have the ability or the resources or the connection to get the kind of support they need,” Penn explained.


Quote of the Day

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