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Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020

Probe Into Failed BVI Airways Deal Completed

Probe Into Failed BVI Airways Deal Completed

Auditor General Sonia Webster has concluded her investigation into the controversial BVI Airways Deal that cost tax payers over $7M under the former National Democratic Party administration
Governor Gus Jaspert, who made the announcement said however, he has not yet officially been handed that report.

“That report I know she has concluded and when it comes to me formally at that point I will consider next steps but I am committed to what I said before, I believe all these reports should be public,” he told reporters during a press conference held today, February 3.

In November of last year, Governor Jaspert had indicated that the findings of the investigation by the AG would reach his desk soon. But today he told reporters that, there were a lot of questions to be answered.

“This is really for the Auditor General to talk through, but she and her team been working very hard. There has been lots of questions as you would expect on this issue,” he indicated.

The Governor did mention that he intends to send the report to the House of Assembly, after which it will be made public.

“It will be coming to me very soon. Once it comes to me, there is a period of the law which is maximum of three months before it goes to the House of Assembly; it is the HOA who deals with the reports before it goes public…As I get it I will make sure it goes to HOA,” the Governor assured.

The deal with BVI Airways was struck under the NDP administration and included Government providing tax dollars to help fund the airline's operation, but then the deal fell through as the airline could not deliver. The Government is still trying to trace and collect the funds poured into the failed deal.

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