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Saturday, Jul 31, 2021

Probe Underway: Uptick In COVID-19 Cases Through RT Ferry Dock

Probe Underway: Uptick In COVID-19 Cases Through RT Ferry Dock

National Epidemiologist Harmonie Massiah has revealed that a probe is underway to determine the reasons behind the increasing number of COVID-19 cases coming through the Road Town Ferry Dock on Tortola.
After several delays to the reopening of the seaport to international travellers, the dock was opened on April 15.

Speaking during a live forum hosted by GIS on Thursday, May 27, Massiah said: “Of late, we have had a surge, and that occurred on the 15th, and again that was predominantly from imported cases.”

She continued: “What we are seeing now is that quite a bit of cases are coming through the Road Town Ferry Dock, and we are conducting investigations to determine if there are any predictive factors that might be increasing the risk of persons coming through that area. It might be the places of origin; it might be pre-mixing before boarding; it might be now that you are in an enclosed space which may facilitate the spread of the virus.”

She then called on all travellers to maintain due diligence to keep themselves safe from the virus.

“You still have to wear your masks; you still have to physical distance even though you might be familiar with someone on the vessel, you should limit any talks and conversations that you may have with them because you don’t exactly know what it is they may be harbouring,” she remarked.

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