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Monday, Oct 26, 2020

Proceeds from Lobster Fest shuttle being donated to school on Anegada

Proceeds from Lobster Fest shuttle being donated to school on Anegada

A shuttle service that was utilized during the Anegada Lobster Festival on November 30 and December 1 will be donating the proceeds from their service on those dates to a charity.

This is according to Director of the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB) Sharon Flax-Brutus who said at least part of the proceeds will go towards Claudia Creque Educational Centre on Anegada.

And while speaking on the BVITB-commissioned shuttle service that received majority sponsorship from the ROMASCO Group, Flax-Brutus explained: “We have two methods of transportation — the regular taxis and we also have a shuttle. [We have] a $1 hop-on, hop-off and we are using electrical carts so it’s sustainable and going green.”

“That shuttle runs from by Potters by the Sea right down to Neptune’s Treasure on that strip and the money that we raise we give that to an Anegada charity,” she added.

10 restaurants participated

In the meantime, Flax-Brutus said approximately 10 restaurants participated in Lobster Fest. These included a few ‘pop-up’ or temporary restaurants.

Visitors also had the opportunity to take home a gift from the BVITB when they sampled the culinary offerings at participating establishments.

“With the participating restaurants, you have the lobster sample. For example, at Sids, it’s a lobster taco; at Neptune’s Treasure its lobster pizza, and curried lobster fritters from another restaurant. So once you collect a bead, and you are departing either by air or by sea … you get a gift bag,” she said.

Secondary school students also had the opportunity to contribute to the festival by assisting the BVITB to meet and greet visitors to the island.

“They are involved in tourism because tourism is what’s involved here and so we have about seven of those students helping to meet and greet the guests,” Flax-Brutus added.


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