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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Proposed! Referendum On Independence At Next General Elections

Proposed! Referendum On Independence At Next General Elections

Government consultant, Claude Skelton Cline, has called for a referendum on the issue of independence to be held simultaneously on the next General Election date.
Skelton Cline, who was at the time speaking on his radio programme Honestly Speaking on Tuesday December 8, said, there should also be an intensive educational journey ahead of that date.

“Yes, though we should not wait for the government, the government however must bring to bear every institution muscle at its disposal to inform the citizens of this country of their civil responsibility and their fundamental human rights relative to the matter of political and economic independence.

This needs to be a centrepiece for whoever is thinking about running, whoever ends up running, whatever party decides to reemerge, this has to be a centrepiece – do you want to be free or not? That has to be a major part of the debate come election 2023 Jehovah’s willing. So, therefore, what should we be doing, 2021, 2022? Education, educating, educating, our people on the matter,” he remarked.

He said this proposed referendum will be similar to the referendum on Brexit by the United Kingdom.

“We cannot afford to remain much longer under the administrative power of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has shown that they don’t have us in mind in any meaningful or substantive way except for when they want to do what they want to do,” he pointed out.

The issue of the territory gaining political independence from Britain has been a topic of continuous debate over the years.

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