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Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

Prosecutors share more details with Fahie and Maynards‘ attorneys

Prosecutors share more details with Fahie and Maynards‘ attorneys

US prosecutors have shared new information with the defence in the matter involving now-disgraced former Premier, Andrew Fahie and his co-defendants—Kadeem Maynard and his mother, former BVI Ports Authority Director Oleanvine Maynard.
Fahie and the Maynards are facing conspiracy charges of drug smuggling and money laundering after being arrested on April 28 following a months-long sting operation conducted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Kadeem was arrested in St Thomas, USVI while Fahie and Oleanvine were arrested separately at a Florida airport after going to inspect what prosecutors alleged were fake bribe payments.

In the latest court filing, prosecutors noted that they received additional video recordings and electronic data extracted from devices belonging to both Oleanvine and Fahie. According to prosecutors, there was also information coming from two phones belonging to Kadeem. Prosecutors said this data was received after the initial disclosure of evidence was made earlier in the year.

The court filing also noted that due to the voluminous amount of data and technical formatting issues, the government’s IT department was enlisted to assist with the copying of the files onto external drives provided by counsel for Oleanvine and Fahie.

The new data, the court filing noted, was provided to Fahie on August 17, and to Kadeem on September 7.

Prosecutors said they remain engaged in discussions with Oleanvine’s attorney and noted that they expect to receive an appropriate medium for the file transfer to her lawyer shortly.

Previously, Theresa Van Vliet, the defence lawyer for Fahie requested an extension for filing deadlines in the matter after it was revealed that there were technical difficulties in downloading a file of data that purports to contain extracts from phones and computers.

Kadeem is represented by Jose Rafael Rodriguez while Raymond D’Arsey Houlihan represents his mother, Oleanvine. The government is represented by Assistant US Attorney Shane Butland.

Fahie and his co-accused are expected to face trial early in the new year with the court setting a January 17, 2023 date for the beginning of proceedings.

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