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Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

Prospect Reef rehabilitation stalled because of legal concerns

Prospect Reef rehabilitation stalled because of legal concerns

Premier Andrew Fahie said the government has been unable to progress with the Prospect Reef Resort due to some legal concerns.

Fahie said the nature of the legal issues means he cannot disclose the specificity of the situation; however, he hopes this is the final hurdle in the situation.

“Prospect Reef seems to be an entangled weave. Every time you straighten out one thing with Prospect Reef another thing comes up. I say that in that parable because there are other legal concerns that have been raised lately,” the Premier said.

“I don’t want to say too much until we pass that hurdle which hopefully would be our last hurdle with Prospect Reef. We have made great progress although it doesn’t look that way in terms of physical movement there was a lot of legal entanglement and measures that we had to passed regarding Prospect Reef. Hopefully, this is the last one,” Fahie added.

The Premier said if this issue is the final hurdle, then residents will hear more on the direction the government will be taking with the resort.

Fahie also used the opportunity to praise the board that was put in place for what he considers outstanding work.

“I do commend the board for all that it has to do because the work the board has done is not one that we can publicise given that it was more of a legal nature with the legal issues that were involved with Prospect Reef in some areas. However, we will get there, just as we got there with the Elmore Stoutt High School,” the Fahie said.

Back in 2019, the newly minted Premier and Minister of Finance during his 2020 budget presentation had pledged to breathe new life into the resort, which was devastated by the hurricanes, before he his tenure as Premier ends.

Fahie said getting the state-owned resort back into operation would increase the territory’s room availability for tourism purposes.


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