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Saturday, Aug 13, 2022

Protesting against Life

Protesting against Life

"Men lie, women lie, numbers do not lie."- Jay Z

Condolences to all we have lost over the last few weeks/months.

Unfortunately, no country is alone in the present health crisis.

So much trouble

Around the region, multiple countries are now experiencing extreme covid crises.

*  Antigua

*  Bahamas

*  Belize

*  Bermuda

*  Cuba

*  Dominica

*  Grenada

*  Guyana

*  Guadeloupe

*  Jamaica

*  Martinique

*  St Kitts and Nevis

*  St Lucia

*  St Vincent

*  Virgin Islands

A common trend is that businesses are shut, schools are closed, hospitals are full, and, unfortunately, high death rates.

Another common trend is that in each of these countries, there have been organised protests against government covid measures.

In St Vincent and the Grenadines, an anti-vaccination protest against the government turned violent.

One of the protesters took it upon themselves to throw a brick that hit Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves in the head.

During the same week, there were similar anti-vaccination protests in both Antigua and Barbados.


Somewhere along the line, we have to acknowledge that those that have waged war against vaccination, and other mitigation measures over the last year, are partially responsible for the dire crisis our region now face.

We know who they are.

The one's creating and sending around conspiracy theories via WhatsApp Voice notes and the like.

The same ones constantly forward items with non-scientific evidence to everyone that they know.

More directly, the ones who have weaponised people's hesitancy in order to attempt to damage or destroy the relationship between elected officials and the populace.

Let's be clear.

There is a direct correlation between protests against covid protocols, low vaccination rates, and subsequent high infection rates.

After all, one of the goals of the misinformation and protests is to make people distrust the health officials and stop them from getting immunised.

Unfortunately, for many persons, they have brought into the propaganda.

It is one thing not to like a particular party or sitting government.

That is par for the course.

However, it is a whole different ball game when you gamble people's livelihoods and lives as political warfare.

The net result is the unfortunate and unnecessary deaths of our loved ones.

Ask yourselves this, is their hatred of a government or particular leadership really worth anyone's lives?

Residents of Bermuda protest against COVID-19 vaccines.

Some protests against COVID-19 vaccination in the Caribbean have become violent.


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