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Monday, Aug 02, 2021

Protests Erupt Throughout Detroit After Police Kill Man Who Pulled Gun On Them

Detroit Police Chief James Craig released video of the officer-involved shooting that left a man dead at McNichols and San Juan. Bodycam Shows Suspect Firing at Detroit Police Officers Before Being Shot
The video appears to show the suspect interfere with the arrest of another man and pull a gun, firing at police. Detroit Police Chief James Craig says body and dash cam footage show that Hakim Littleton was shot and killed by officers after he apparently pulled out a gun and fired twice at close range on an officer.

It happened on the city’s west side just after 12:30 p.m. Friday, when Gang Intelligence members from the DPD 12th Precinct arrested Darnell Sylvester who had a federal warrant for his arrest for drug distribution from the DEA.

Sylvester gave himself up without incident. Craig said a witness heard Littleton say he was not going to let police arrest Sylvester.

Littleton drew a handgun from his left pocket, fired at police and missed.

Three officers returned fire. Littleton continued to fire his weapon as he was on the ground. There were eight shots fired in five seconds, according to Craig. Four of those shots were fired from three officers; one officer fired two shots, one officer fired one shot and another officer fired one shot.

Craig says the other four shots were fired by Littleton. Craig said he and Littleton were suspected to have ties to a local gang. Littleton had been on probation for armed robbery and a weapons charge, Craig said. According to police, Littleton used a .25 caliber pistol against the officers.

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