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Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

Public Health England to assist BVI in fight against COVID-19

Public Health England to assist BVI in fight against COVID-19

Governor Augustus Jaspert has said Public Health England is actively liaising with the British Virgin Islands to provide medical equipment to help the territory’s fight against the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).
Governor Jaspert said the territory’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Irad Potter and Public Health England has been in close contact regarding the support Britain can extend to the territory.

He said: “They are looking at how they can procure medical support and equipment to help us here as a territory, but that is a regular dialogue. But one thing that is always true is that the United Kingdom stands by British Overseas Territories and in particular they stand by the British Virgin Islands.”

“One of the areas is testing kits to help enhance our ability to test more, we do have the ability to test here already, but we want to get more testing kits as well,” he added.

Governor Jaspert further said that the United Kingdom will be able to provide the territory with medical items which otherwise would not be available to territory because of the power they possess in the international market.

“Globally it’s difficult to source and the UK is also using its purchasing power to support the British Overseas Territories as well,” Governor Jaspert stated.

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