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Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Public servants praised for vast work done to roll out COI reforms

Public servants praised for vast work done to roll out COI reforms

Kudos have been extended to public officers for the work they have done so far in helping to meet the Commission of Inquiry (COI) recommended reform deadlines.
While giving an update on the implementation of the COI recommendations in the House of Assembly (HOA) recently, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley said it was clear that all parties involved are working hard.

He singled out the Government of National Unity, public officers in the various ministries and all parties including the governor and the governor’s group; stating that all are seriously committed to delivering the implementation plan for addressing the COI recommendations and the other reforms.

“What we are seeing is evidence that our public officers do have a lot of previously untapped abilities and capabilities,” the Premier said.

He further noted that there was a voluminous amount of work done since the reform programme had started and said commendations were well deserved for public officers and the rest of the team involved in getting the work done.

“I say this because we are accustomed to hearing disparaging comments, questioning the competence of public officers and our people,” Premier Wheatley added.

He continued: “What we are achieving at present and what we will achieve as we work our way through this implementation programme will stand as testimony to the capabilities of our public officers and our Virgin Islands people.”

The Premier said he hoped the level of work will not only silence the naysayers, but will also inspire the BVI’s people to have confidence in themselves and to continue to push forward to even greater achievement.

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