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Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

Pusser's Closing Marina Cay Location

Pusser's Closing Marina Cay Location

October 1, Pusser's announced that it would be closing its popular Marina Cay location after some 25 years of operation. According.
In an announcement that seemed to take Pusser's customers by surprise, Tobias said, “To all our friends and Pusser’s supporters, we’re sorry to have to tell you that we no longer have a presence at Marina Cay. Yep! Our time is up. After more than 25 years as a tenant with a good landlord, we’ve had to call it quits.”

In explaining how the effects of hurricane Irma resulted in this unfortunate decision, Pusser’s Founder noted, “We’re a small company, and Hurricane Irma ate us up financially. Consequently, we were unable to meet the terms of a new lease. Nevertheless, we had a good run, introduced Pusser’s to a lot of good people like you, and had a lot of fun.”

On a happier note, Tobias announced that the company is still moving forward and added a new location.

“You can now come and visit us at our new place on one of the best beaches in the Caribbean--Pusser’s at Myett’s at Cane Garden Bay!”

Tobias further announced that the Pusser's Co. Store at Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda came through Irma with flying colors and has remained open. Similarly, the Road Town Pusser's Painkiller Bar and Store is said to be up and running. In fact, Tobias noted that this is Pusser's 40th year in Road Town.

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