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Tuesday, Dec 01, 2020

Recently-refurbished basketball court in West End vandalised

Recently-refurbished basketball court in West End vandalised

Premier Andrew Fahie has condemned the vandals who defaced the West End basketball court not long after it was refurbished.

“I am very disappointed that since we have refurbished the court in West End, someone had idle time, and instead of properly utilising the basketball court, they destroyed the two glass backboards and rims,” said Fahie, who is the Representative for the First District where West End is located.

Fahie, who was delivering his annual First District report at the time, added: “That is not who we are and that is not what we do. We build communities we don’t destroy them.”

Waste of taxpayer money

He further reminded the persons responsible that such behaviour only wastes taxpayer dollars and negatively impacts the future of youth in the community.

“If anyone knows who would have done such a thing, talk to them and let them know the monies used to put these things in placed is their own tax money, and we must treat things with respect,” Fahie said.

“Do not destroy for you are not spiting I, Andrew Alturo Fahie, rather you are killing the dreams of many people in this community who wants to go to college, who want to go to the Olympics, who want to go to NBA (National Basketball Association), or the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). Don’t kill their dreams, help to make their dreams a reality,” he added.

The Premier had stated that the refurbishment of the West End court was to initially provide an avenue to occupy young persons in the community by channelling their energy towards a positive cause.

No indication was given about the cost to repair damage or when the repairs will take place.


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