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Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021

Recurring mold issue leaves BVI teacher in hospital, education minister responds

Recurring mold issue leaves BVI teacher in hospital, education minister responds

A local teacher is now hospitalized due to a possible mould infestation at the Ivan Dawson Primary School.

Teacher Cleopatria King-Defreitas took to social media to express the predicament the situation has her in.

The Facebook post stated “teachers are definitely suffering with the mold situation at IDPS. People can sit back and talk what the hell they want but we are the ones suffering.”

The frustrated teacher who is due to be airlifted overseas for further medical help further said “I’m laying in a hospital bed for one week now waiting to be airlifted out with an iv in my neck bcuz of negligence. It’s time for action!”

This is not the first time Ms. King-Defreitas has suffered at the hands of a mold infestation. A similiar occurrence happened at the Isabella Morris Primary school before she was transferred to IDPS.

When contacted by our newsroom today, the Minister of Education and Culture, Natalio Wheatley said the Ministry has plans to address the issue.

Hon. Natalio Wheatley

Honorable Wheatley said “the Ministry of Education takes the health and safety of its employees seriously. With the support of the Ministry of Finance, we are initiating a new round of mold cleaning in our schools. Ivan Dawson is among the schools that has already been assessed, and thorough cleaning should be completed shortly.”

Mold infestation seems to be a recurring issue at many schools across the territory. We have seen the force closure of schools as many have fallen ill due to exposure. W

Though a serious issue, residents are convinced that enough hasn’t been done by successive governments to alleviate the concerns.

Reports show the primary health hazards for mold in schools include asthma, allergies, mild to severe respiratory infections, eye irritation, and rashes, like eczema.

Ms. Defreitas is hoping that her passionate appeal will inspire positive changes to benefit the schools across the territory.


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