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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Reservoir and wells among fixes for Paraquita Bay water woes

Reservoir and wells among fixes for Paraquita Bay water woes

Minister with responsibility for agriculture, Dr Natalio Wheatley, said a well and a reservoir are among some of the fixes being looked at to remedy longstanding water issues being experienced by Paraquita Bay farmers.
According to the Deputy Premier, the Ministry of Transportation Works and Utilities has been working to help resolve the situation.

Workers ran a brand new pipe from Spring Ghut to Paraquita Bay because of the leaky water distribution network on island, to help abate the water woes, Dr Wheatley said on a recent Virgin Islands Party Let’s Talk radio programme.

He said officials have determined that the best thing to be done at Paraquita Bay is to rehabilitate some the wells which he said have already been rehabilitated.

According to Dr Wheatley, the government will seek to rehabilitate additional wells but faces a challenge with the water on the island being described as too salty.

“We also are going to build a reservoir on the hill at Paraquita Bay and gravity feed the water down to the farmers,” Dr Wheatley expressed.

He continued: “We’ve already had discussions with the supplier of the reservoir and we very soon are going to be making that purchase and persons will hear a lot more about it.“

The Deputy Premier also reminded persons that a water policy is expected to be drafted to govern water distribution in the area.

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