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Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

Residents facing hardships to benefit from groceries from FSN - Premier

Residents facing hardships to benefit from groceries from FSN - Premier

In an attempt to ensure that no resident goes hungry during the upcoming 14-day lockdown, the government has partnered with the Family Support Network (FSN) to provide free groceries and essential supplies to needy families across the territory.

But in order to receive these supplies, Premier Andrew Fahie said residents must provide proof that they are facing hardships.

“Assistance to persons or families who are experiencing hardship is very dear to the government’s heart. The 13 House of Assembly members have properly discussed this matter because, as your leader, I do not want to see anyone go hungry that cannot do any better to help feed themselves at this time or feed their families,” Fahie said while addressing the territory via a live broadcast on social media Wednesday evening.

He said persons who qualify for this support may range for those who have been laid off “and would not have had enough funds to shop for these 14 days or persons who were not working” even before the virus outbreak.

“Whatever the hardship, as long as you can prove it … you can get the help from your government via the FSN,” the Premier added.

Maximum amount assigned per family

The Premier further noted that there will be a maximum amount of supplies assigned per person or per family.

Families facing hardship are, therefore, invited to contact the Family Support Network at 284-499-0999 or 284-542-2085.

“If you need further assistance with FSN or getting through in this programme, please feel free to contact each of your district representatives or any one of the four Territorial At-Large members,” Premier Fahie said.

The territory will be going into 14 days of 24-hour lockdown commencing at 6 pm on Saturday, April 4.


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