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Wednesday, Dec 02, 2020

Residents urged to remain prepared as BVI recognises third anniversary of Irma

Residents urged to remain prepared as BVI recognises third anniversary of Irma

As the territory reflected on its third anniversary of Hurricane Irma on Sunday, Premier Fahie urged residents to continue to remain in a state of readiness during the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season which has been predicted to be above average.

“It is important to note that the future belongs to the prepared. So, we must remain a prepared people,” Premier Fahie said in a statement on Monday.

While many persons are continuing their recovery efforts from the devastating event, Fahie said there are some who continue to be mentally affected from post-hurricane trauma.

Irma is proof BVI can overcome COVID-19

He further said the recovery of the territory from the events of September 2017 is proof that the BVI can rebound from the adverse effects of COVID-19.

“Like the rest of the world, we were forced to readjust our course. But, just as we have pulled together to overcome Irma, so too with patience, effort and unity, we will conquer COVID-19 as well as this current 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season,”

He added: “As we look back on the trials that we have overcome due to the catastrophic events three years ago that we are still recovering from, while faced with the realities of COVID-19, I know that our people will rise to the occasion because together we always do.”

According to the Premier, the damage caused by Hurricane Irma is estimated to be in excess of three billion dollars with many homes, schools, shelters, vehicles and businesses destroyed.


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