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Tuesday, Aug 03, 2021

Residents want heightened police presence following daylight murder

Residents want heightened police presence following daylight murder

On the heels of a shocking daylight murder in Fish Bay on Tuesday, residents are calling for a heightened police presence within their communities.
A man was gunned downed inside his vehicle which was riddled with bullet holes following the shooting.

Fifth District Representative, Kye Rymer said his constituents raised their concerns with him yesterday.

“I had a conversation with some folks and they say, ‘we’ve never seen this and we hope that we could see a bit more police presence with the communities’,” Rymer said while speaking on Tuesday’s airing of VIP Radio on ZBVI.

“There was programme where they had community policing and so forth. So maybe other initiatives need to be reintroduced so that we can let the public feel safe within our community and make sure that they know that there is a police presence there,” said Rymer who publicly denounced this and other crimes.

Noting that government is doing everything in its power to support policing, Rymer encouraged persons with information related to these crimes to come forward.

And while noting that he is not privy to the police’s crime plan that is still being considered by the National Security Council, the legislator suggested that initiatives be introduced to motivate persons to share information.

“Maybe we need some incentives for persons to come forward to say what they know because, at this time in our territory, we need to make sure that we continue to be safe,” he stated.

Since the start of the year, the BVI has recorded at least two confirmed murders and another two that police describe as “unexplained deaths”. There have also been a spate of as well as multiple high-profile drug incidents, robberies, and firearm-related offences.

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