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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs disregarding health protocols

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs disregarding health protocols

The government has levied fines and taken remedial action against several restaurants, bars and nightclubs that breached public health protocols over the recent holiday period.

“Investigations have been conducted and a number of these businesses have been placed under additional scrutiny by the Environmental Health Division and the Social Distancing Task Force,” Health Minister Carvin Malone said.

He appealed to persons who visited these places and developed symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, respiratory symptoms, cough, cold, loss of smell or taste or any symptoms associated with COVID-19 to call 468-2274 and 468-4936, or email to schedule a test.

Workers invited as ‘family members’

Minister Malone reported that the government has also become aware that a number of persons are utilising the entry procedures to import exotic dancers and other persons for employment into the territory under the guise of being family members or friends.

“These flagrant episodes of disregard for public safety and the protocols that have been established to ensure protection of lives and livelihoods during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic will not be tolerated,” the Health Minister warned.

He said persons should note that the government recently instituted a number of fines and penalties and expanded the categories of officers designated to administer tickets.

The Minister said the Social Distancing Task Force will also continue to make unannounced visits and will hold persons and businesses accountable.


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